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Domain Portfolio Manager - Most parking sites share the one of two business models, each designed to easily get your name parked and either they keep all of the parking revenue or share a small portion of the revenue with the domain owner. Parking4Income is designed to be different. For a flat monthly fee, you will get a full blown hosting account for each domain and professionally designed PPC parking templates that are optimized to maximize income

Domain-Portfolio-Manager - I am a domainer too, and as I bought more names, my domain spreadsheet just got out of hand. I looked around and there just was not a tool that had exactly what I wanted ... so I had this tool created to my specs, for my use. After using it for a while, and seeing that other domainers have the same problems keeping track of their domains, I decided to make it available to others.

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Web site metrics - Web site metrics, including google pagerank, alexa traffic rank and backlink reports from major search engines




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