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American Pit Bull Terrier

Unfortunately, the American Pit Bull has a poor reputation as being a mean dog. It's all in how you treat your animal. If you socialize your pit bull terrier early you will not have problems with this breed. It is important that you begin this socialization process early on and continue with it until you see consistant behavioral changes with your dog.

If your 're considering a American Pit Bull Terrier what you will find is a sweet and very active dog.This breed also will like to dig quite a bit in your back yard.

Actually, this breed is considered to be one of the sweetest dog breeds according to American Temperment Test Society. This organizations tests, most dog breeds and evaluated them for temperment. The Pit Bull has a better temperment score then the Golden Retriever.

American Pit Bull Terriers at a Glance.

Characteristics of a American Pit Bull Terrier
30 - 70 pounds
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The American Pit Bull Terrier is in the large dog breed class.



















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