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American Pit Bull Terrier as a Guard Dog

If your looking for protection, the American Pit Bull Terrier is not the best guarddog. 0505

American Pit Bull Terriers are gentle animals when they are exposed to many people as puppies. In fact, an independent organized which scores dogs based on their social ability toward people rate the pit bull as being a more friendly dog than a golden retreiver!. Unfortunately, pit bulls have gotten a bad rap from the press that is hard to shake. Pit bulls are very people friendly. This dog breed, in part, gets its bad reputation from people using this breed in dog fights where they literally fight to the death.

You need to know, at the moment, the pit bull is the number one dog that is stolen straight from back yards. Criminals are stealing the pit bull dog breed to put into dog fights. Since dog fighting and dog aggression is part of the breed they are literally stolen to enter into fights. Unfortunately, these dogs love people and may go willingly with someone who intends them harm. You should NEVER leave your dog alone while he plays in your yard. You should always be watching him.















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