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If your 're considering a Golden Retriever you will find them to be very affectionate dogs. Golden Retrievers have a high energy level and will need daily exercise and human interaction for them to be happy. Golden Retrievers also require daily grooming. Use the links below to find more in depth information to help you decide if a Golden Retriever would be the best fit for you.

Golden Retrievers at a Glance.

Characteristics of a Golden Retriever Rank
50- 75 pounds
Activity Level
8/10 08
Guard Dog Ability
5/10 05
9/10 09
Social Ability - People
10/10 10
Social Ability - Animals
9/10 09


The Golden Retriever was originally breed in Scotland to be a hunter's companion. The dog was breed to catch birds, fish and other prey. They are highly sociable and love people. This breed of dog is highly trainable, in fact, they can even be trained as guide dogs. Training is very easy if you use clicker treats on occasion. The dogs respond well to these treats. Provided that they receive proper training they can fit into a new family very well. Like any new animal, you will need to make sure that the dog knows where he is to sleep, eat, etc.

Unlike the terrier and other breeds, the Golden Retriever does not require any special surgical procedures, such as ear or tail clippings. This breed sheds throughout most of the year. You will need to vacuum daily due to the long shedding fur. The fur on the Golden Retriever is dense and long. It can be flat or somewhat curly. The colors range from cream, tan, to a golden color.

If you are looking for a puppy, you may wish to work very closely with a breeder or a rescue organization. If you are working with a breeder, make sure they belong to at least one national group. In fact, it would be great if they show you their membership certificate. When possible, before getting a puppy it is best to meet his mother. Study his mom for her personality traits, such as aggressiveness, shyness, activity etc. Chances are her puppies will take on similar traits. It is important that you tell your breeder or rescue group as much information as you can about your family and life style. For example, if your family likes to take long walks, hikes etc. make sure you pass this information on. Do you lead an active or sedentary life style? etc. Also, make sure you ask several questions about the temperament of the dog you are looking to adopt. Again, make sure the dog's temperament will match your families. Matched with the right family, you will find the Golden Retriever to be a real treat to get to know.




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