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American Water Spaniel

Is a American Water Spaniel the Right Breed for You? If you want a dog that is a marshmallow with your children, but a strong deterrent to criminals, you may want to take a look at the American Water Spaniel. The American Water Spaniel gets its name from its habit of using its front legs to box when it is fighting. These powerful dogs were originally used as hunting dogs, although they quickly became popular as police and military dogs in Europe. As people began to discover how devoted and loving the American Water Spaniel was to its family, this dog breed turned into a companion dog, as well. Interestingly enough, the versatile American Water Spaniel didn't become popular in the United States until men returning from fighting in World War II brought some of these dogs home with them. Although American Water Spaniels are considered to be medium sized dogs, they have the strength of a big dog. A young, healthy American Water Spaniel is all muscle and energy and weighs in at fifty to eighty pounds.

American Water Spaniel's at a Glance.

Characteristics of a American Water Spaniel Rank
20 - 40 pounds
Activity Level
10/10 8
Guard Dog Ability
Social Ability - People
7/10 07
Social Ability - Animals
5/10 05

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