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Airedale Terriers Grooming

You will need to do very little to keep him looking good.2/10 02

This is an easy dog to take care of. You will need to brush your Airedale Terrier 2-3 times a week for controlled pet hair removal. A pin type brush will do find . For more extensive grooming or for show grooming, you may want to send your Airedale Terrier to an experienced groomer. You should look at your Airedale Terrier's nails at least twice a week to see if they require clipping. As with all breeds, it is a good idea for you to brush your Airedale Terrier's teeth at least once a day. It is okay to get a dental bone type product to supplement the daily dental brushing. Also, like our teeth, you may want to brush your Airedale Terrier's teeth after he eats a few dog treats. Some treats may have just a little bit of sugar in them so it's a good idea to brush.



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