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Airedale Terrier Activity

You will enjoy spending time with your Airedale Terrier.
9/10 09

The Airedale Terrier requires at least 30 minutes of daily activity to keep him healthy. Several brisk walks of about 10-15 minutes each per day will do. You may prefer, to play with your Airedale Terrier, "actively" for the same 30 minutes per day.

It is important that the Airedale Terrier get daily exercise in order to control his desire to cause mischief. Airedale Terriers tend to get themselves into trouble if not kept active. They are also a very intelligent breed. They can think of ingenious ways to stay active without your input. You just may not agree with their choices. If you choose to give your Airedale Terrier a few delicious dog treats make sure to also give him some extra play time.



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