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Afghan Hound Grooming

You will need to groom this breed regularly.10/10/ 10

You will need to groom this dog regularly. in order to keep his long beautiful coat looking its best. This dog sheds a lot so in order to control his hair removal you will need to brush his coat daily. A pin style brush will work well. You may wish to ask your vet, some Afghan owners say the best time to brush your dog's fur is after a bath. The logic goes that the fur will not break similar to how we get split ends. Again, ask your vet for advise.

As with all breeds, it is a good idea for you to brush your dog's teeth at least once a day. It is okay to get a dental bone type product to supplement the daily dental brushing. Also, like our teeth, you may want to brush your dog's teeth after he eats a few dog treats. Some treats may have just a little bit of sugar in them so it's a good idea to brush.

Daily walks are essential for this breed. Afghan Hounds need walks plus ideally a safe fenced in yard for a good 30 minutes a day of just running around.


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